Don8tions, healthy food for families

Don8tions is a local organization led by a few grateful and motivated teens. Don8tions is focused on decreasing the rate of hunger while enhancing the health of kids in our local community by providing families with fresh, healthy meals.

Many people receive donations of unhealthy canned or boxed goods. They also receive donations of fresh produce and do not always have the means or know-how to prepare healthy meals. Don8tions works to raise funds, uses those funds to purchase and prepare healthy products and meals, and donates those meals to families in need. We also help to educate families about how to prepare simple, healthy meals.

Don8tions Halloween Candy Donation & Holiday Fundraiser for Hope for Youth

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, Don8tions hosted a booth at the end of the Farmingville Historical Society Trick or Treat trail.  Trick or treaters walked a trail through the woods learning about the history of candy, and got to indulge in those candies! At the end of the trail, trick or treaters came to the Don8tions booth where they played skeeball and cornhole.  The kids then wrote their names on a Don8tions ghost and selected one of the 10 candies to donate to a local kid in need.  The Farmingville Historical Society donated all of their leftover candy to Don8tions.  And the Don8tions team donated all of the candy bags with Don8tions ghosts to the kids at Hope for Youth. Kids helping kids helping kids! 

Don8tions is planning a special holiday donation for the teens at Hope for Youth. Click here to learn more, sponsor a product, or DONATE...